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Our Mission at the Montmartre Festival

Amplifying Art in Montmartre

This festival does not belong to us alone; it belongs to the people of Montmartre. Throughout the year, Montmartre is already a festival in its own right, with numerous artistic events punctuating the calendar, often unknown to the general public. That is why several local artistic associations have come together to organize this festival. Our goal is to bring together the actors of the local artistic scene under one banner, making this creative energy accessible to a wider audience.

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The origines of the MontmARTre Festival

This festival started thanks to the determination of Nella Fauve and Gaëtan Massala from the non-profit organization Bandabacchus. They came together with Mimi and JP from Samba Et Un Mars to organize the Festival des Arènes de Montmartre.

Nella succeeded at getting the autorisations necessary to organise an event at the legendary arenas of Montmartre and planted the seed of what was going to become the MontmARtre Festival.


Gaëtan Omrane from 3625 Radio and Luci Baudi from Mouvement MontmARTre had been dreaming of filling up the streets of Montmartre with Art.

When they learnt about the Festival des Arènes de Montmartre, they offered to amplify it by organizing events on the previous days and creating a parade in order to bring more audience to the Arena. In one month, they did the necessary paperwork and started bringing together many cafe, restaurants, art galeries, and even a museum and a concert hall. 

Where there was art they amplified it by communicating about it and where there wasn’t they brought in local and international artists from their personal networks. They booked concerts, installed exhibitions, arranged performances, and organized workshops.

Their goal was to make the art in Montmartre more accessible to the locals and to the visitors that pass by on this estival holiday season. 

Let's Amplify Art in Montmartre !

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